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The Art & Science of Dispute Resolution is a collaborative law practice focused on resolving conflicts in a compassionate, family-oriented environment. We’re located in Sherwood Park, AB, and clients come to us from the surrounding areas.

Our Team

Karim Mawani

Karim Mawani

Breaking up is hard to do

Hurt, vulnerable, betrayed and devastated are words some of Karim’s clients have used to describe their feelings when ‘until death do us part’ becomes ‘to the death do us part.’

When human beings experience the trauma and stress of divorce and separation it is not unusual for them to feel like their life is starting to unravel. Karim’s focus is on helping people regain a sense of control and the ability to make decisions about their life. His practice focuses on taking what seems to be impossible and helping people find the way to make it possible.

One approach does not work for everyone. That is why Karim is trained as a lawyer, mediator, arbitrator, parenting coordinator and collaborative lawyer. Having multi-disciplinary training means that the process is made to fit the client rather than the client forced to fit with a process.

Karim’s educational background includes two undergraduate degrees (one of which he did not accept because in his youth he thought that if the professors did not care about him, then he did not want their degree) and a law degree from the University of Alberta. He has also completed the Harvard Law School Intensive Mediation and Negotiation courses. Karim is also a trained Parenting Coordinator – which means he helps parents work through the implementation of their parenting plans outside of a Court room. In addition, he is also a Children’s lawyer, Registered Family Mediator and Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer. His focus is helping you make the important decisions in your life, however if necessary, he can also take your case to the courts and speak on your behalf.

Karim has been an Instructor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta, The Law Society of Alberta Bar Admissions course, The Dispute Resolution Institute of Alberta (when it was known as AAMS), The Alberta Environmental Appeal Board 2015 Conference on Dispute Resolution and is a popular speaking at seminars run by the Strathcona Country Community Mediation Society.

Karim has his own life story of loss. He knows what it is like to have your child snatched from your life. He tells his story with the words, “I too have experienced the loss of a child. The difference being I know where to find my child - buried 6 feet down. Your child is walking, talking and, despite what you might hear or are being told, needs to see you, to be with you and have you in their life.”

Janice Gustafson

Janice Gustafson

Janice Gustafson is an unstoppable legal assistant. As a mother of 5 (4 and a spouse), competitive dancer and a qualified and experienced sign language interpreter, Janice knows what it is like to juggle career and family obligations. Hand-picked by Karim’s previous assistant to take her place, Janice has a knack for making each client feel heard and kept fully informed. She also communicates through American Sign Language (ASL).

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