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Parent like Michelangelo

If I am not for myself, who will I be for?

Mar 9, 2020

What do you think this might mean?

Here are some of my thoughts.

Life is bigger than one person.

There is a Zulu phrase brought to the global vocabulary by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. He speaks of Ubanatu.

Ubuntu means "I…

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Is anchoring sinking your negotiation conversations?

It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose.

Mar 2, 2020

When I heard this, I thought it was about life being unfair. Then, after it had time to sink in, I realized that it refers more to the response you have to life’s challenges.

Life happens. The thought that what…

To disclose or not to disclose, that is the question

To Disclose or Not to Disclose, That Is the Question

Oct 31, 2019

To deal with child support, spousal support, or matrimonial property, there needs to be accurate information about each person’s incomes, assets, and liabilities. Failing to provide financial disclosure increases the costs for everyone involved in the dispute. The list of required and necessary documents in Court form FL 17 is just the beginning. And, it is the place to start.

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Parent like Michelangelo

Parent Like Michelangelo

Aug 4, 2019

Some people had a positive childhood – positive experiences and positive parenting role models. For them parenting is about emulating, and improving upon, those positive parenting mentors.


For others, who had more negative childhood experiences, the task is to take those lessons and use them to become the parent their parenting mentors could have been.


Either way, the task is to remove whatever does not belong in the description of positive parenting and uncover the parent that lies within.

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Is anchoring sinking your negotiation conversations?

Is Anchoring Sinking Your Negotiation Conversations?

Jul 23, 2019

The anchoring effect describes the tendency for the human mind to rely heavily on the first piece of information introduced into the negotiation conversation. How to focus the negotiation to the zone of agreement.

Parent like Michelangelo

The 3-step Parenting Plan

Jun 1, 2019

Parenting plan for dummies

Two faces of Spousal support

Two Faces of Spousal Support

Jun 1, 2019

Spousal support can be a Bridge over Troubled water or an umbilical cord that suffocates the future

Do you need a children’s lawyer or would a child consultant be better for your family needs

Do You Need a Children’s Lawyer or Would a Child Consultant Be Better for Your Family Needs?

Apr 28, 2019

Child counsel is not a panacea. They can a bring voice ’to the table’ on the children’s experience but they will not be able to solve the issues created by the parenting conflict. In fact, rarely will they bring a lot of light on the situation if they adopt a traditional lawyer role.


What is the role of children’s counsel and is that what parents are really looking for to understand and hear the voice of the child.


What would happen if the person working with your child was not there to recommend to the court what should happen? Instead, their role is to inform the parents, lawyers and the court of how the child sees, has adapted to and operates within the child’s own world?

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Pick a Seat, not a Side

Pick a Seat, Not a Side

Apr 24, 2019

Parents who can see their children’s view points as more important than their own personal needs set an example for their children about what it means to be a parent rather than be a parent.

I am the Boss of me. Ego and the choice of litigation.

I Am the Boss of Me. Ego and the Choice of Litigation.

Apr 13, 2019

Interest Based Negotiation also epitomized what I thought (and still believe) a Lawyer should behave both as a civil professional and an agent of clients’ interests. you must take responsibility for your actions, words, behaviors and thoughts and not allowing someone else to take that responsibility over from you. Life I full of choices. And this is one of them.

Putrid, Petulant People relationships

Putrid, Petulant People Relationships

Nov 2, 2018

How to stop high conflict people from sapping your energy and Will to live

Family is the Foundation of Humanity

Family Is the Foundation of Humanity

Aug 1, 2018

Marriage was traditionally the relationship that defined the creation of a basic unit of a healthy society - Family. Marriage symbolized the commitment of two people to each other and the promise to create new life both as a unit of two becoming one and children. The...

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The Split Personality of the Courts

The Split Personality of the Courts

Aug 1, 2018

Courts are responsible to decide what is in a child’s best interests and exercise that responsibility by leaving important parenting decisions up to the child.

Financial Disclosure Is Required for Closure in Alberta Divorces and Separations

Feb 2, 2018

There is no point in negotiating agreements without comprehensive and accurate financial disclosure. Chateauvert v. Chateauvert, 2018 CarswellAlta 4. is a good example of what can go wrong when financial disclosure is lacking.

Making a Better Childhood Experience Through Parenting

Jan 12, 2018

John Cameron, CEO of Keller Construction and Changing Lives Foundation (have you seen the Singing Christmas Tree? If you have, you have experienced one contribution he has facilitated) was featured in the December 2017 “Business in Edmonton" magazine. In the...

Shared Parenting Now Means Exchanging Cheques

Nov 3, 2017

Common sense would tell us that if two people owe each other money the most effective way to settle things is for one to pay the other the difference between the two amounts. Well, 'common' logic does not extend to Canada Revenue Agency or the Federal Tax Court. A...

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Shifting Roles Not Rolling in Court

Nov 3, 2017

Until the late 20th century women were assumed to be the ones best able to perform the role of companion/nurturer - the glue that bound family and social relationships together. The authors like Daniel Golman published research that showed shifting reality - that men...

Why Should You Choose Collaborative Law?

Sep 8, 2017

I am asked in consultations to explain why I think Collaborative Law should be the first stop in any dispute. I am then asked to share those ideas with others who come to my website looking for information, help and assistance. This post is intended share some of...

What is the Meaning of your Divorce?

What Is the Meaning of Your Divorce?

Sep 8, 2017

For every event, experience or ‘fact’ you encounter in your life you apply a meaning. Meaning is the story or narrative that gives context and understanding to your experience – for you. The same event, experience or ‘fact’ can have different meaning to different...

Mature Parenting Is a Child’s Right and Your Responsibility as a Parent.

Sep 1, 2017

"Maturity doesn't always accompany age" John Maxwell. Young children are immature. They are immature because everything in their life is about them. Everyone in their life is relevant only because of what they can do for the child. Immaturity is thinking only about...

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Everything Is Going to Be Alright. Or Is Everything Going to Be Alright?

Sep 1, 2017

There is a difference between people. That difference is what a big difference is. That difference is attitude. Whether it is positive or negative is what makes the big difference. (Adapted from the words of W Clement stone). We cannot control all that happens around...

Parent like Michelangelo

Possession May Be Nine-Tenths of the Law. But Children Should Not Be Chattels.

May 29, 2017

The weakness of the legal system arises in its reliance on precedent where what happened yesterday is presumed to define what should or will happen today. Parenting should not be decided with a cookie cutter approach. Few men stay at home and take care of the children...

The Split Personality of the Courts

A Message from Your Estranged Child

May 11, 2016

I am every age. I am four and twelve and fourteen and twenty-nine. I am every age in between. Pray for me and for our reconnection. Believe in the power of your own mind and heart. Know the power of your thoughts. Know that you can reach me and hold me in your mind’s eye. Find a way to rise above the negativity and the pain and let love sustain you. Believe that there is some purpose to this mess and that we will both be okay. I can only be alienated if you allow it to happen by giving up.

Divorce Myths you need to know about

Divorce Myths You Need to Know About

May 11, 2016

If you are considering getting a divorce and trying to learn about the process this article is for you.

You may be getting advice from friends, family members, your hairstylist, or someone at the gym. There’s a pretty good likelihood that some or all of what they tell you about the divorce process is incomplete.

Incorrect information causes good people to make bad decisions or take actions that may wind up hurting themselves and their children.

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The Split Personality of the Courts

Write Me a River: Communicating with Your Alienated Child

Mar 21, 2016

Posted on January 11, 2015 by karenwoodall

Why parents in divorce should keep in touch with a child that is being alienated or rejects them.

4 Negotiation Tactics Robert Kraft Used to End the NFL Lockout

4 Negotiation Tactics Robert Kraft Used to End the NFL Lockout

Jan 11, 2016

As this real life negotiation example demonstrates, a win-win solution is always available to creative negotiators and mediators with an integrative negotiations mindset. The example may be from the past – which proves the core characteristics of good negotiation and mediation practice does not change.

Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, was by all accounts a major factor in getting the NFL collective bargaining agreement signed earlier in October 2011. To do so, Kraft employed four key negotiation tactics to help the players and owners come to a “win-win” solution.

The Split Personality of the Courts

Christmas Cheer Should Include the Children

Dec 8, 2015

Christmas isn’t a Hallmark moment for children of conflict who see the Christmas season as frightening and, when everyone around them is enjoying the holiday season, even a confusing time of year. If you or someone you know is in the parenting conflict cycle be kind, be gentle and be understanding. Most of all be aware of the situation without being judgmental. Be generous of spirit. Help build new memories from now on and going forward by understanding that the children might not understand what is happening and need your help in creating happy memories of the Christmas season.

A simple primer in Sympathy vs. Empathy

A Simple Primer in Sympathy Vs. Empathy

Nov 26, 2015

I speak in my posts about empathy being critical to negotiation, mediation, collaborative law and even relationships in general. This is a link that has been sent to me from other collaborative lawyers that connects to a short video that made this distinction clear...

What Makes a Good Mediator?

Nov 17, 2015

It takes more than just mediation courses what makes a good mediator? And how is it that mediators—who themselves lack any power to impose a solution—nevertheless often lead bitter disputants to agreement? Of course, serious mediation training and substantive...

Part 1 Preparing for Mediation: You May Win the Battles, but Did You Win the War?

Nov 11, 2015

Before deciding how mediation is your best option and what you want to achieve by mediating, you should first decide what mediating can do for you and know your WATNA and BATNA

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Principled Negotiation

Principled Negotiation

May 19, 2015

In their book getting to Yes Roger Fisher and William Ury outline a negotiation philosophy and technique that is interest focused, rather than positional, to emphasis discussion of needs that must be satisfied if the parties are to find a long term satisfying...

Mediation – What to Expect?

May 19, 2015

In this article I will talk about mediation - what to expect and how best to use this opportunity to avoid costly litigation. Preparing for Mediation Sit down and write all the events that have led up to the dispute. Now take a new piece of paper, or create a new...

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