Making a Better Childhood Experience Through Parenting

John Cameron, CEO of Keller Construction and Changing Lives Foundation (have you seen the Singing Christmas Tree? If you have, you have experienced one contribution he has facilitated) was featured in the December 2017 “Business in Edmonton” magazine. In the Interview he makes a great point that I think we can all learn from as parents.


” There is nothing better than seeing a 12 year old get up and belt out a song where the audience is in awe, and where they get a standing ovation. You see the kid walk off the stage feeling better and with self-esteem. It changes them. It really impacts their lives. There is nothing better than that.”

Powerful words. And a reminder that your children need your encouragement and support, daily, hourly and in the moment. Self-esteem and self-confidence are built by allowing a series of, seemingly, small successes to accumulate (like the dirty laundry pile in your child’s room??;-)) so that they become a foundation for greater success.


What your child might see as failure is really a speed bump on the road to success. Your children need your help to build the resilience to translate ‘failure’ into ‘a lesson’ on the road to success.


Parenting is as much a leadership function as is being the CEO of a Company. Successful leaders develop the capabilities and abilities of the people they lead. Parents are co-leaders of their family. Mother/ Father or CEO/CFO, the title makes no difference. What does make the difference is the Difference you make.

What can you do to make today the springboard for your child’s tomorrow?


Attend their soccer games-together and sitting side by side? Asking your child to ‘brief’ you on the latest and greatest in music. Dads, take your daughter shopping and do not sit there flipping through the emails on your phone. Mums, make time to take your son on a ‘coffee date’ and talk about ‘whatever’. Parenting is giving of your time and letting go of any expectations of a specific ‘reward’. Ultimately your children thrive by getting your time. Time is a non-renewable resource. It is yours to give. We make time for what is important to us. Are your children important to you?

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