Mature Parenting Is a Child’s Right and Your Responsibility as a Parent.

“Maturity doesn’t always accompany age”

John Maxwell.


Young children are immature. They are immature because everything in their life is about them. Everyone in their life is relevant only because of what they can do for the child. Immaturity is thinking only about you and not about others. That may be OK at 2 years of age. It may be fine at 5 years of age. But it is not good at 35 years of age.


There are few things worse in the world than a parent who thinks their child should worship them – are in this world to serve the parent’s needs. The simple fact is, parenting is a privilege. Parenting is a privilege that did not come with an upfront cost. So parenting is frequently not appreciated – as most gifts are not appreciated.

Effective parenting comes from you finding common ground with your child. Parenting is a leadership function. Leaders (effective leaders) go to those they seek to lead. There they will find common ground (sports, music, spiritual growth and service are all examples) with their child. Having found common ground you can ask or offer (you cannot force) your child to follow your leadership.

Now you have a choice. You can lead your child to higher ground and make their, and your, life better. Or you can pull your child down and make their life worse.


Maturity is an attitude. As we mature our attitude towards ourselves and others changes. The world becomes no longer just about me. It becomes about ‘us’. Parenting is about us.


You are in charge of your attitude. You are in control of your child’s parenting experience. Parenting is having an attitude consistent with maturity. You are in charge of whether you pull your child up or down.

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