What Is the Meaning of Your Divorce?

For every event, experience or ‘fact’ you encounter in your life you apply a meaning. Meaning is the story or narrative that gives context and understanding to your experience – for you. The same event, experience or ‘fact’ can have different meaning to different people.


Symbols are the carriers of meaning in your life. Christ on the Cross is a symbol of renewed life and forgiveness. A statue of a sitting or reclined Buddha is a symbol of peace, acceptance and tranquility. A band on the left hand ‘ring finger’ is a symbol of commitment and love. A swastika has two prevalent meanings – being an ancient symbol of good fortune and well-being and also the emblem of the Nazi movement from World War II.

What does your divorce mean to you?
Maybe, for you, it is a symbol of rejection. Or it might be a symbol of betrayal.


On the other hand, it might be a symbol of your transformation. Or it might be a symbol of hope in which a relationship that is not supporting your, or both your, needs can be replaced with one that does.


Whatever your answer to the question, and it is frequently a combination of many meanings, the meaning is made and maintained by you.


There is no right or wrong answer. The choice of meaning is yours. There is, however, a right or wrong choice if the meaning does not allow you to meet your goals, needs and wishes for your future.

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